3 Issues Infrared Thermal Imaging Can Detect in Your Home

Woman using home infrared thermal imaging

Home infrared thermal imaging technology helps to determine if there are issues behind walls, ceilings, and other spaces that the naked eye cannot see. Thermal imaging cameras scan a specific area of a home and provide an image of temperature distribution across a surface using electromagnetic waves. Here are three issues infrared thermal imaging can… Read more »

Benefits of Getting Your New Construction Home Inspected

Two men performing a home inspection

If your new construction home is nearing completion, it is important to have it inspected before moving in. While some people may think an inspection is unnecessary for a newly built home, it can actually be extremely beneficial by double checking the structural integrity of the home, inspecting for harmful substances such as radon and… Read more »

3 Common Areas Where Mold is Found in the Home

Mold at the base of a shower

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced issues with mold in the home. When you want to protect your property and family from this danger cropping up in the future, there are several key areas to monitor. We suggest regularly checking your shower and bathtub for mold, as well as bathroom ceilings, walls and… Read more »

What is Radon? Everything You Need to Know

Radon Air Testing

We’ve all heard of radon and how dangerous it can be when on our property, however, most homeowners are unaware of what the ramifications of its presence are. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is hard to identify, making it extremely dangerous for homeowners. The radioactive gas can be present in your home for… Read more »

Why Get a Radon Test Done Before Purchasing a Home

Testing for Radon

If you’re in the market for a home, you want to make sure your purchase is as safe as possible for your family and visitors. Many people will hire a home inspection expert to check for foundation issues, mold problems and other common issues associated with home ownership, however, many do not have the home… Read more »

The 3 Most Common Types of Mold That Grow in The Home

Types of Mold

Once mold begins to grow inside of your home, it becomes challenging to remove. If you notice any indications of mold growth in your home, you must treat it immediately. Mold can spread quite rapidly, and some molds can be highly toxic and have a long-lasting effect on human health depending on the exposure. To… Read more »

Deck Safety 101

There are many important items to check during the home inspection.  One of the critical items on the exterior of the home is attached decks.  Today’s building codes have changed and the way we built them 15-20 years ago is no longer acceptable.  There are many news articles recently detailing deck collapses where there were… Read more »

Safety Has No Grandfather!

One of the comments I frequently hear while doing a home inspection is “This is grandfathered in, right?”  This statement is especially true from sellers.  Here is my comment on this subject:  When it comes to the safety of you and your family for the home you are buying, there is no grandfathered items.  My… Read more »

Don’t look Ethel!

Anyone over the age of 45 most likely remembers the song “The Streak” by Ray Stevens in the 70s.  Streaking or flashing was a common thing in those days.  Flashing should also be a common item found on the exterior of your home.  It is critical to seal the external openings in your home from… Read more »

Do you have enough support?

Some many things require the proper support in order to function properly.  Your home’s floor structure is no exception!  I see many issues with the support posts and support piers in homes.  These issues involve using the wrong methods and materials to support the center support beam of the home.  These will cause damages such… Read more »