Home Inspection Services in WV

When we inspect a property, you can rest assured if there is something to find, we will find it. Reliability and honesty are our mission, and our reputation is evidence of our commitment to ethical inspections and reports.

Services We Offer

Home Inspections

Home Inspection Service


A home inspection is valuable tool for determining the condition of the home you are purchasing including the exterior, roofing, electrical, plumbing, foundation and mechanical systems. Read More.

Radon Testing


Radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. This accounts for around 21,000 deaths each. Do you have a radon issue? Call us test to schedule testing of your home. Read More.

Infrared Thermal

Infrared Thermal Testing for Home Inspection


An infrared camera is used to distinguish minute differences in temperatures. It is useful for finding moisture, air leaks and heating/cooling issues. Give us a call today to help you solve your energy related concerns. Read More.

Mold Testing

Home Inspection with Mold Testing


How much mold is too much in your home? What about black mold? Give us a call today to discuss your mold concerns and how we can help. Read More.

Home Inspection Services in Bridgeport, WV

WV Home Inspections

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is a mistake to go through with the purchase or sale of a house unless it has been thoroughly inspected. Most people understand the logic in having a home inspected prior to purchasing. It also makes sense to have your home inspected before selling. A thorough analysis of your Bridgeport or North Central, WV home ensures you can address problems that may prevent you from obtaining the price you seek.

Mountaineer Inspection provides comprehensive home inspection services in Bridgeport, WV and neighboring areas. Our home inspection services include mold testing, infrared thermal imaging and even radon testing. We will identify the flaws with your home all the way from its underlying foundation to the roof shingles.

Radon Testing

If your home has not been tested for radon, now is the time for this analysis. Our home inspection services in Bridgeport, WV can include radon testing to identify the presence of this radioactive gas. Whether you are buying a new home, selling or plan on continuing to live in your current abode, you should have a radon test.

High levels of radon can lead to possible health issues with long term exposures. However, you won’t the amount this gas in your home unless a test is performed as it has no smell and is colorless. Put your faith in Mountaineer Inspection Services and we will determine even a small amount of radon in your home.

Mold Testing

Mold has the potential to lead to all sorts of issues in a house. Though a small amount of mold is in every home, it becomes a health threat if it has the right conditions to grow. Rely on our mold inspection and testing services and we will determine if the types and amounts of mold spores in your home, setting the stage for timely mold remediation.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermal imaging is one of the most effective means of understanding the underlying causes of problems in homes. We proudly perform home inspections with the use of infrared thermal imaging technology to identify possible issues behind all the walls of your home. This in-depth look provides a clear view of your home that cannot be obtained with the naked eye.

Our home inspection services are a call away. We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection report in 24 hours or less. Reach out to us today at 304-709-3200 to find out more about our home inspection services.


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