Licensed Home Inspectors in WV

Our licensed home inspectors examine the entirety of your home to provide peace of mind knowing the safety and reliability of the systems. Put your faith in our inspection team and you will rest easy knowing your home is safe to live in regardless of its age or other factors. We inspect homes that are hundreds of years old, decades old and those that were recently built. Our licensed home inspectors in Bridgeport, WV ultimately provide you with an invaluable sense of confidence, knowing your living space is reliable.

Comprehensive Home Inspections

There is a common misconception that a home inspection is primarily limited to a superficial analysis of the roof, flooring and walls. While we inspect these important components of the home, we also closely analyze everything else in between. If there is even a slight structural flaw, a water damaged electrical panel or water damage, we will identify it, so you understand the true condition of your home.

Our home inspections can include in-depth analysis to determine if there are harmful substances including the unseen and odorless radon gas. Though there is almost certainly mold in your home, it becomes a problem when it grows to the point that it circulates throughout the air and is inhaled by you and your loved ones.

Other Areas Covered

A truly comprehensive home inspection is not complete until the electrical and plumbing systems are analyzed in-depth. We inspect electrical panels, wiring, GFCIs, light switches, pipes, built-in appliances and other plumbing components to ensure they are fully functional.

Our licensed home inspectors also go to the extent of performing duct pressure testing, thermal imaging and blower door testing to gauge whether the home you are buying, selling or plan on continuing to live in is energy efficient.

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