Mold Testing in Virginia

Just about every single home in the U.S. contains some level of mold. Mold exists in the air, and therefore, it’s likely that mold spores will enter you home at some point in time. However, mold can only grow under certain conditions. It requires moisture, high humidity, and a food source to thrive. If those conditions are met, it can grow and cause everything from mild allergic reactions to severe infections in people. Therefore, you should hire Mountaineer Inspection Services to provide you with mold inspections and mold testing services. We’re a residential home mold and black mold testing company who conducts thorough mold testing and put your mind at ease.

When Should You Consider Doing Mold Testing in Your Home?

There are many reasons to consider testing for mold. The first and most obvious one is if you have spotted mold growing somewhere in your home. By testing for it immediately, you can see how extensive a mold problem is so that you are able to eradicate it sooner rather than later. You should also test for mold if you have experienced any symptoms related to mold exposure. Those who have been exposed to mold may suffer from fatigue, headaches, poor memory, joint pain, shortness of breath, and difficulty concentrating. Additionally, it’s good idea to have mold testing done if you’re selling a home.

Schedule Mold Testing for Your Home Today

Mold can cause extremely serious issues for homeowners if it isn’t taken care of in a timely fashion. As soon as you suspect that mold may be present in your home, have the experts at Mountaineer Inspection Services come in to do an inspection to determine the extent of the issue. It’ll let you know exactly what you’re dealing with and illustrate how bad the problem has gotten. As a trusted residential home mold and black mold testing company, we have experience inspecting homes and are confident that our comprehensive mold inspection, which includes air samples, tapes, and swabs, will identify the severity of your mold problem.

Don’t let mold grow in your home undetected. Reach out to Mountaineer Inspection Services at 304-709-3200 today to work with the most reliable residential home mold and black mold testing company in WV.