Mold Testing in Virginia

Every West Virginia home has mold. Mold is naturally present in the air both inside and outside of houses, apartments, businesses and other buildings. If mold spores enter your home and grow in a humid and moist space, they will cause significant problems.

Mold can lead to infections as well as allergic reactions. Our residential home mold and black mold testing company is here to inspect and test your home for mold. We provide comprehensive mold testing that provides a truly invaluable peace of mind.

When Should You Consider Doing Mold Testing in Your Home?

It is a mistake to assume your home’s mold level is perfectly safe. There is no way to know if the mold in your home has grown to the point that it is harmful unless you rely on our residential home mold and black mold testing company in WV. Though you might spot some mold growing in your house, there is also a chance it is growing in areas you cannot see.

Prompt and thorough mold testing determines if the mold has expanded to the point that it is a threat to your well-being. Furthermore, if you have any signs of mold exposure in your home, it is an indication that a professional mold test should be performed without delay. Individuals who have been subjected to mold often suffer from problems including but not limited to:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Joint pain
  • Memory issues
  • Headaches
  • General fatigue

Furthermore, if you plan on buying or selling a home, it is in your interest to have mold testing completed. That way, you know whether the property is laden with mold or has a safe level of mold and you will be able to move forward with the transaction in full confidence.

Mold Testing is a Call Away

Mold will lead to serious problems if it is not addressed right away. If you are even slightly suspicious your home has mold or if you have not had a test performed in recent years, seize the opportunity to have this analysis performed by our specialists.

We will gauge the level of mold in your home and give you an idea as to whether it is a looming problem or already a major issue that requires immediate attention. Our team performs comprehensive mold testing with the use of air samples, swabs, tapes and more. Give us a call today at 304-709-3200 to schedule a mold test at your home.