Don’t look Ethel!

Anyone over the age of 45 most likely remembers the song “The Streak” by Ray Stevens in the 70s.  Streaking or flashing was a common thing in those days.  Flashing should also be a common item found on the exterior of your home.  It is critical to seal the external openings in your home from… Read more »

Do you have enough support?

Some many things require the proper support in order to function properly.  Your home’s floor structure is no exception!  I see many issues with the support posts and support piers in homes.  These issues involve using the wrong methods and materials to support the center support beam of the home.  These will cause damages such… Read more »

Leaping into Spring

As the weather turns warmer, there are many tasks to be done around the house to prepare for it. Many of you will tackle the task of spreading new mulch in your flowerbeds and landscaped areas. If you choose a dark colored hardwood mulch, beware! The dark colored mulch can contain a fungus called Shotgun… Read more »

Quick – Turn Off the Water!

Oh, no! Water is running from somewhere beneath the cabinets and ruining your new kitchen floor. HELP! You can prepare for a crisis like this by knowing how to turn off the water to your home. You should locate the main water valve, know how to operate it, and tag it. Everyone in the household… Read more »

Sticking Closet Door

Sticking Closet Door We’ve all experienced those sliding closet doors that stick and rub. Did you know there is a simple fix? All sliding closet doors hang from a horizontal metal rail. Rollers fastened to the top of the door fit into a J-shaped track above. By adjusting the roller bracket, you can raise or… Read more »

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip A Home Inspection

After your offer to buy a home enters into contract, the process of near-endless check writing begins. There are many necessary costs, such as realtor and lawyer fees, and the total of these expenses may have you looking for ways to save money elsewhere. You may be tempted to skip the home inspection and its… Read more »

8 Areas Your Home Inspector Won’t Inspect — That You Must!

I think inspection day is exciting. It’s an opportunity to spend an extended period of time in your new prospective house , exploring every nook, cranny, closet, and attic. You get to turn on all the faucets, and run each of the showers. You get to test all the appliances, and even peel back a… Read more »

Energy audit can provide valuable information when buying a home

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life, so doesn’t it make sense to get all the information possible about the house you’re going to buy? Think about it, this is where you’re going to raise your family and create memories. Aside from the financial aspect, there’s… Read more »

Deck Safety

Do you put much thought into if the deck on your home is safe? Maybe now is a good time to take a look at these safety items that are essential for the safety of you and your family as you prepare to use your deck for the upcoming summer season. 1. Railing height –… Read more »

10 More New Reasons to Check Your Home for Radon

By Lynne Eldridge MD A few years back I came up with some “novel” reasons why everyone should check their home for radon. Hopefully these “10 new reasons” prompted at least a few people to pick up a radon test kit. Remember, it doesn’t take any willpower, you can do it in your PJ’s, and… Read more »