3 Issues Infrared Thermal Imaging Can Detect in Your Home

Woman using home infrared thermal imagingHome infrared thermal imaging technology helps to determine if there are issues behind walls, ceilings, and other spaces that the naked eye cannot see. Thermal imaging cameras scan a specific area of a home and provide an image of temperature distribution across a surface using electromagnetic waves.

Here are three issues infrared thermal imaging can detect in your home that other means of inspection would miss.

Electrical Issues

Identifying the source of electrical problems quickly and accurately can prevent property damage and injury to residents. Infrared thermal imaging can detect areas of excess heat that can produce electrical issues like overheating, breaker problems, and faulty terminal wires.

Plumbing Problems

Water leaks from the plumbing system often go undetected until major damage occurs. Thermal image scanning can detect temperature anomalies in the plumbing system which may be a precursor to larger issues. The results of this scan can be a great aid for the repair plumber hired to address the identified issues. Thermal imaging can be the difference between tearing out a whole wall or only having to clear out a portion of your pipe.

Mold Growth

A professional thermal imaging inspector will check for cold spots in a house that may indicate water, moisture, or condensation leading to mold growth. It is important to get your house tested for mold because it can lead to serious health issues if not taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Investing in home infrared thermal imaging is wise for current homeowners or people looking for a new house. An inspection that looks for problems deeper than the eye can see will save you time and money when it comes to repairs.

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