Benefits of Getting Your New Construction Home Inspected

Two men performing a home inspectionIf your new construction home is nearing completion, it is important to have it inspected before moving in.

While some people may think an inspection is unnecessary for a newly built home, it can actually be extremely beneficial by double checking the structural integrity of the home, inspecting for harmful substances such as radon and mold, and more.

No matter what type of new construction home you have, make sure to have it looked at by a professional inspection team before moving in to ensure your property and family are protected.

Make sure your home is structurally sound

One of the most important reasons for having your new construction home inspected is to check for its structural integrity.

From the roof to the basement, an inspection team will check every inch of your space to ensure nothing poses a threat.

They will look for certain tell-tale signs to see if your home’s foundation and structure are safe and will hold up over time.

Identify any harmful substances

A home inspection will also be able to identify any harmful substances that may be present in your home such as radon or mold.

While it’s unlikely to find mold in a new construction home, it will be good to rule out. Radon on the other hand is commonly found in new construction homes that are built in areas with high radon levels, so it’s important to have this checked to avoid having your family exposed.

Check plumbing, electrical & more

Another benefit of having your new construction home inspected by a professional team is the fact they will be able to look over everything from plumbing to electrical, and will also be able to use infrared thermal imaging, duct pressure testing, blower door testing and more.

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