What To Expect After The Home Inspection

So, the inspection is done…What now? Well- it depends! Each home inspection is different. There mayBuyer negotiating terms of sale be a few minor issues or there may be many significant concerns. To bring you some clarity, below are some steps that you can expect after the home inspection.

Review the Report

This is vital. Ideally, you will have attended the home inspection as well, but at the very least, ensure you thoroughly review your detailed report from your inspector and not just read the report summary. Assess the notes left of any issues– while all issues are important, some can have a larger impact- such as a crumbling foundation or radon. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to walk away or tackle the issues. Two main ways to tackle the issues are requesting repairs or renegotiation.

Requesting Repairs

Each situation is different. The seller is not required to pay for repairs- that being said, some sellers will readily pay to secure the sale. While there’s no standard measure, it’s common knowledge that some requests are reasonable while others are not. Typically, reasonable issues are systems or units that are not working or in an unsafe condition. Upgrading systems to today’s standards is not usually reasonable. Areas such as outbuildings, or cosmetic damages are outside of the inspection. Asking the seller to fix the HVAC is considered reasonable. However, asking them to prime and paint their home for you because the paint was chipped in a corner is considered unreasonable.

Some examples of common repair requests are:

  • Roofing.
  • Electrical.
  • Mold Remediation.
  • Plumbing.
  • Termites.

Renegotiating the Price of the Home

If the seller refuses to pay for repairs, you may consider renegotiating. Work with your agent, and a reputable contractor and obtain estimates to support your requests from your home inspection report.

When renegotiating, it’s best to focus on the issues that present immediate health and safety concerns; such as a sagging and leaking roof. Focus on the most pressing issues, review the anticipated prices of each repair needed, and use that number as your guidance in asking for a lower price.

Your best chance to get repairs fixed in any capacity is with a detailed and thorough report from an inspector that goes above and beyond. When it comes time to hire an inspector you trust with glowing reviews, look no further than Mountaineer Inspection Services. For years, we have proudly provided the Bridgeport, WV area with all their comprehensive home inspection and inspection-related needs. To get started with your home inspection, call us at 304-709-3200.