What To Look For When Choosing A Home Inspector

Whether you are buying or selling a home, you should get ready to find a reliable home inspector.Wooden blocks spelling the word "Home Inspection"

A great place to start is with trusted friends. Even if they’re a few hours away, if they have a trusted inspector, you can always call and see if that inspector knows of one closer to you!

We’ve shown you how to prepare for your home inspection, but now we’re here to help you with how to choose a home inspector! Below are a few helpful things to keep an eye out for when choosing your home inspection service.


Properly Licensed

You want to always make sure that your home inspector is properly licensed. Doing so ensures that your inspector has gone through the proper training and certification processes, making them knowledgeable and able to identify issues big or small.


Note: Be weary of any inspection service that cannot verify their license status.


Quality Reviews

You want to choose an inspector that has solid reviews. You want to avoid any inspection service with no reviews, reviews without substance, or that feel “spammy.” Instead, you want to choose an inspection service with an appropriate ratio of reviews and years in service, with genuine points in the review. A large number of 5-star reviews with no information are nothing compared to a smaller number of genuine 5-star reviews with detailed service reviews!


No matter what, it all boils down to one thing: trust. You want a reliable and trustworthy home inspector who knows what to look for and will be entirely transparent and open with you!


Here at Mountaineer Inspection Services, we offer top-quality home inspections. For years, we have proudly provided the Bridgeport, WV area with all their comprehensive home inspection and inspection-related needs. From radon testing to mold testing, and even energy audits, we have you covered! Our reviews speak to not only our professionalism, but our exceptional service. To get started with your home inspection, call us at 304-709-3200.