Common Issues Found During Home Inspections

Whether you’re buying or selling, a home inspection is a necessary part of the process. It can beAn inspector holding a clipboard as he inspects a home. frustrating when issues come up during an inspection, and while some issues may be obvious, it takes a trained eye to inspect each area carefully. Below are three common issues found during home inspections, plus some of their telltale signs.

Foundational Issues

The foundation is integral to the structural integrity of every home. It can be easy to overlook if there’s greenery and other items surrounding the foundation, stored personal items and finished areas – but it still is important to examine it carefully. While it can be as blatant as cracks in the foundation, foundation issues can also present as:

– Window and door separation.

– Cracks in the wall and floor.

– Uneven floors.

– Moisture intrusion


Most people don’t consider their roof unless there is an obvious issue- like leaking or missing shingles. However, a trained eye can spot many other concerns during the inspection. Some other signs are:

– Low spots.

– Shingle condition.

– Improper/missing flashings.


This is perhaps one of the biggest issues home inspectors see. It can be common in both old and new homes. It can be obvious, such as extension cords being needed in each room, or more subtle, such as an improperly wired switch. Some potential issues are:

– Flickering lights.

– Buzzing noises.

– Odd odors (burning, melting, or even a fishy smell).

– Tripping breakers.

As you can see, some of these could be easily looked over; who hasn’t shrugged off a flickering light here and there? That’s why it’s important to find a home inspector who goes above and beyond. When it comes time to hire an inspector you trust with glowing reviews, look no further than Mountaineer Inspection Services. For years, we have proudly provided the Bridgeport, WV area with all their comprehensive home inspection and inspection-related needs. From radon testing to mold testing, and even energy audits, we have you covered! To get started with your home inspection, call us at 304-709-3200.