Don’t look Ethel!


Step Flashing

Anyone over the age of 45 most likely remembers the song “The Streak” by Ray Stevens in the 70s.  Streaking or flashing was a common thing in those days.  Flashing should also be a common item found on the exterior of your home.  It is critical to seal the external openings in your home from water intrusion that can lead to damage to the sheathing and if left un-repaired, to damaging the framing structure of the home.  Every external cladding for the home requires some method of flashing around doors and windows.  Where shingles meets vertical walls, “step flashing” required.

Another critical area is where a roof line meets the side wall of the home for instance on an attached garage.  This area requires “kick out diverter flashing”.  Without the flashing in place water from the shingles can run down behind the exterior cladding and damage the wall.


Kick Out Diverter Flashing

The list goes on and on of the exterior claddings on the home that require flashing details to keep water out.  From cement board siding, cultured stone, brick veneer, vinyl siding, EIFS and stucco, to the deck ledger board, flashing is critical to prevent water intrusion.  Call Mountaineer Inspection Services today for a complete inspection of your home to give you peace of mind.  If your home is “naked as a jay bird” you could be in for some costly repairs!