Home Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a clear look at everything behind your home’s walls? Take a moment to think about how helpful it would be to see exactly what is going on above the ceilings. Whether you are a current homeowner or considering buying a house, you will benefit from home infrared thermal imaging. Our team also provides energy audit services.

We obtain a clear view of those spaces behind walls and above ceilings without cutting them open or causing any other damage. This is accomplished with the use of a thermal imaging camera. Let us take a look at these unseen spaces and you will finally know if there are major problems, minor issues or anything else that might cause costly damage as time progresses.

Why Should You Perform Home Infrared Thermal Imaging?

Home infrared thermal imaging technology provides an opportunity to determine if there are issues behind walls, ceilings and other spaces that the naked eye cannot see. Our thermal imaging cameras identify water leaks by doors, windows and more. We also use this technology to view issues that have already developed or are developing in roofing components ranging from skylights to vent piping.

Thermal imaging cameras also provide an invaluable means of gauging whether the insulation in your house is working as it should. Such a view of your home gives you an idea as to whether it is energy efficient or if it needs additional insulation, weather stripping or other sources of protection against nature’s wrath.

Even a small plumbing leak in your home can lead to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Infrared thermal imaging identifies such leaks without cutting open your home’s walls to analyze the piping. If there are leaks, condensation on pipes or issues with a toilet that is not properly installed, we will identify them so you can take action that safeguards the investment that is your home.

Avoid Serious Issues With Home Infrared Thermal Imaging

It is better to spend a small amount of money on infrared thermal imaging than pay exponentially more for costly repairs that exhaust your time, money and patience. A thermal imaging camera or another type of diagnostic equipment empowers our team to view the entirety of your home so we can transmit a comprehensive report for your review. Give us a call today to learn more about our home infrared thermal imaging and energy audit services in WV. You can reach us by dialing 304-709-3200 today.