Choosing Your Home Inspector

Let’s face it, buying a home is the single biggest financial decision most people will make. The average person does not buy many homes in their lifetime. Choosing the person you want to inspect the home should not be taken lightly. Here are some things to consider when choosing your home inspector:

Are they licensed? All home inspectors in WV go through training and testing to be licensed by the State Fire Marshall.

What is their background? Being a contractor doesn’t always make you the obvious choice to be an inspector. Find out what education and experience they have when making your decision.

Do they offer other services? Combining services such as radon testing and mold inspection usually save you money. If the inspector can perform more than one service during the inspection it will typically save you money and be less of a hassle to schedule.

Do they belong to a state or national affiliation? Being a part of a state and/or a national inspectors organization helps to raise the bar of the inspector. As iron sharpens iron, participating in these organizations will help the inspector gain knowledge that will benefit your inspection.

Who would your realtor use if they were buying a home? Most realtors will know who is through and would want to use for their own purchase.

These are just a few thoughts on helping you make the right choice for your home inspector. Most importantly, call them up to discuss these items. You will be able to tell from the discussion which one is right for you.